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  • One to one online coaching with an experienced PACES tutor
  • Coaching tailored to your needs to work on your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Cover all aspects of PACES: bespoke preparation
  • Extra emphasis on communication and presentation skills
  • Develop and fine tune strategies to improve your presentation and communication
  • Instant invaluable feedback
  • Ongoing support for 30 days or your date of exam (whichever is sooner)
  • Two sessions of two hours each to maximise learning


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The Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills (PACES) exam is a key component of the Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP) qualification. It assesses your clinical and communication skills, as well as your ability to gather information, make decisions, and manage patients. It is a difficult and an expensive exam. Thorough focused preparation is the key to the success in the exam. It is important to examine common cases and be aware of the rare, less common cases and clinical signs. The courses are useful to practice and get feedback on performance. This helps in confidence building as one gets used to examining under pressure and when being watched. Whilst most candidates taking the PACES exam have adequate clinical skills and knowledge it needs to be fine tuned to ensure that the candidates are able to communicate with the examiners and able to impress them with communication of the findings and are at par with the examiner’s expectations.

This is where Career4doctors is going to help you. The online sessions will offer intense input into your clinical skills, your presentation and feedback to improve after each session.  

Our tutoring sessions would help you understand the principals of the exam and keep you focused. In the tutoring sessions you would learn:

Understand the Format: You may already know the stations of the PACES. Our sessions would help you understand the stations and scenarios and you learn the correct approach.

Skill development: Seeing patients or reading scenarios is not enough. With one to one tutoring,  you get the opportunity to practice your communication and presentation skills. Regular practice is crucial. Work with our tutors to simulate exam scenarios. Focus on all the skills required, such as focused and targeted history-taking (essential for station 2 and 5), communication, and examination techniques.

Clinical Knowledge: Our experienced PACES tutor would help you reviewing common medical conditions, differential diagnoses, investigations, and treatments and familiarize yourself with the national guidelines. You get to practice your ethical principles, and clinical examination protocols.

Communication Skills: Our tutoring would help you develop an effective communication skill which is a critical aspect of the exam. You will get chance to practice active listening, empathy and clear explanations. You would learn to pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues. The practice improves your communication skills, including a focused history taking, explaining diagnoses and treatment plans as well as and discussing difficult topics with patients/relatives. You would learn to grasp their concerns quickly and adress them sensibly. 

Time Management: Each station has a specific time limit. Your tutor gets you in exam mode and you get to practice managing your time effectively during each station. This includes completing tasks within the allocated time while still demonstrating a high level of care and attention. You acquire skills to practice managing your time effectively to ensure you address all aspects of the scenario without running out of time.

Clinical Reasoning: Your tutor works on your ability to analyse clinical information and make sound decisions. You learn to make sensible differential diagnoses and justifications for your actions and decisions.

Feedback and Reflection: Our tutoring sessions simulate real exam and after every session, your performance gets better as the skills get better.

Stay Calm Under Pressure: You learn to stay calm and composed which is crucial. Our session gives you hands on practice and you learn to take deep breaths and stay focused on the task at hand, and not let nerves overwhelm you.

Remember that passing the PACES exam requires a combination of clinical knowledge, communication skills, and practical experience. Career4doctors would support you with consistent preparation, practice, and a positive attitude to significantly enhance your chances of success.


Objectives of the One to One PACES Tutoring

At the end of the two-hour session, you should feel confident because you would have:

    • Identify your strengths and weakness.
    • Get tips from trained experts PACES tutor to improve your skills
    • Gain confidence in presenting your finding
    • Learn to deal with difficult scenarios
    • Received invaluable feedback on your performance

Highlight of one to one PACES Tutoring

  • Tutoring by an experience PACES tutor
  • Get tips from trained experts PACES Tutor to improve your performance
  • Gain confidence in presenting your finding
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • Ongoing expert support for 30 days. or up to your exam (whichever is sooner)

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