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Application Form Review

  • Ensure your form is complete, accurate and properly filled out.
  • Get an expert’s opinion on the contents of your form, with actionable feedback.
  • Receive advice you on powerful words and phrases to stand out from the crowd.
  • Grammatical, spelling and structure check, done by professionals.

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* We will not write it for you. We will guide you in making it look professional.*

A well written application form is what your future employer sees first. Your application form should generate interest in you and get you invited for the interview.

Once booked, please email with your order number. We also need copy of your application form, job description and person specification for the job you are applying. If possible, attach the job advert.

  • We will review the application form and get back to you in 48 hours.
  • We return your application from with our feedback for you to review our suggestion.If you make further changes based on our advice, you can send it back one more time.

How the process works:

Step 1: Once booked, please email with your order number and your Application Form.

Step 2: We will review the Application Form and get back to you within 48 hours.

Step 3: We return your application form with our feedback. You should review our suggestion. If you make further changes based on our advice, you can send it back one more time.

Tips to write a winning application

  • Completed all sections
  • Your name as spelled in your GMC registration
  • Your personal details are correct (Yes, one candidate gave date of birth as 1074 instead of 1974)
  • Your immigration status is correct: You may not be able to complete the form if the job requires a certain type of visa status and form may grey out (you cannot apply for the job)
  • Current job: Give details of your role and responsibilities. Refer to the job description and person specification. Give details and highlight that you are doing what the job (to which you are applying) is about.
  • Give your accurate job history: avoid jargon. Be specific on your job title
  • Gaps in employment history: explain why: Travel, overseas work, Voluntary work or family crisis? Did you acquire any skills: high light and relate how they would be useful in the job e.g. Your voluntary teaching job would be useful in your role as consultant in a teaching university hospital.
  • Be honest: Follow GMC practice. Do not create something for sake of filling a box.
  • Complete your role and responsibilities in details (without boring)
  • Cover all aspect to your work. Give evidence is possible/space permit
  • Word count: You can’t input more than stipulated word limit. Ensure that the sentences make sense and are not truncated. Using copy and paste may cause more problems as you won’t know what has been missed out. Write in word first. Check word count and transfer to form. Check again.
  • Do not miss out on non-clinical work: include hobbies, creative work, sports.
  • Include teaching commitments: include feedback.
  • When listing audit, do not just say “I have completed following audits” Provide details of what “you” did in that audit highlighting your contribution. Did audit result in changes in service? Any new guidelines were launched?
  • When listing publications: do not change author sequence. Give as they appear in actual publication. Panel is known to check for accuracy. No point just add your name followed by et al if you are not the first author.
  • Talk in first tense. Application is about you and not your team. “In launching xxx project, I did…” sounds much better than “In launching XXX project, we did…”
  • Courses: relevant life support, teach the trainer course any other course that shows development as a person. Did you do teach the trainer course?
  • Ask your referees’ permission: They don’t like surprises. Let them know you have applied for job so they are on a look out for request for referral or may not wish to be your referee
  • Give examples (see below).
  • Avoid grammatical errors and typos: Use our application form review service (hyperlink to review service)

You may be asked to give an example of a situation. This usually is to see your approach to common scenarios. Think carefully what you write as you may be quizzed further at the time of interview. Some examples are:

  • An audit that you did
  • A paper you have publish
  • An example where you made a difference in a project
  • An example where your teaching was criticised
  • Give an example of a mistake you made?
  • Give an example of a project you have completed: If you don’t have an example of a completed project) think what you are doing and talk about it.

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