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This is a very unique situation. Trusts need to remain transparent to all applicants when it comes to job offers. This does not mean that the candidate cannot explore what is available or may become available in time to come.

The Royal Colleges periodically releases data on work force planning. This data is useful as it gives an idea about number of upcoming posts based on retirement and service expansions. Occasionally the services need to increase work force to meet necessary guidelines and recommendations. Stroke service, acute medicine and obstetrics are just few examples.

You should be alert to upcoming jobs. Once you have made up your mind about geographic location of your job, look around. Any upcoming consultant retirement or if you have heard on the grapevine that someone is moving to greener pastures and a job will become available?

When this happens, you should:

  • Look at the kind of job undertaken by the relevant person
  • Identify key skills required for the job
  • How flexible is the department about accommodating needs of the new appointee?
  • Review your CV to see if you have these skills: Can you develop these skills by the time the job is advertised?

It is also time for self introspection. Ask yourself if:

  • You are ready for a more responsible role?
  • When is your PYA?
  • Do you anticipate any problems in your PYA or would it be a quick painless process?
  • Do you anticipate any extension of your training: not met all competencies, unexplainable gaps in training or any other issues?
  • Do you have a skill set that makes you “attractive” to the trust?
  • Do you have a skill set/experience that is hard to find? It could be a technique or procedure that you have developed/excelled in or research portfolio?
  • Do you think you can fit in the current environment of the trust?
  • Do you have any pointers of dropped hints that the trust would like to have you/someone else?
  • Would there be an opportunity to rotate to this organization to get first hand information and some inside bits?
  • Finally, do you see yourself doing this job for next 20-30 years?

When you know the basics of the job, you can look for opportunities to meet the current consultants/trainees in post to discover more.  Being proactive is useful in such situation. This would not only show your interest but reinforce your interest in subconscious mind of the people that would be making decisions.  Employers are keen to have people that are likely to stay rather than employ someone that take the job as a “stop-gap” approach.

When you visit/communicate with the department explore again:

  • What keys skills are important for the trust in the new appointee and brag about you having theses?
  • Highlight what extra you would bring to the trust.
  • Assess, explore or identify the time scale for new appointment from the trust in question.
  • Develop a rapport with key people? Work positively to develop a productive relationship.
  • Be visible to them from this point onwards until the job is advertised? Attend educational meetings at the trust?
  • Do be afraid (without being pushy) to ask about timescales of job being advertised


This approach subconsciously asserts your interest in key players mind. This comes in handy when a job plan is being devised, job description written for the new post and person specification. This way you are already ahead of the game as you know what a must in the job is and you have those skills. You just need to submit your application and do the rest to success.

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